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Category: Reference and Education
Updated: Aug 25, 2011
Current Version: 1.1
(iOS 4.0 Tested)
Language: English/Arabic/Urdu

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All Praise is for Allah, The Most Merciful, The Beneficient.
Mobile Applications are a simple and effective method for conveying the Message of Allah. The Dua Application has over 140+ Duas in Arabic, English and Urdu with Audio.
The word Dua comes from the word da a, which means to "call out" or to "summon". Allah's commands us through the Qur'an to call out to Him: "And your Lord says: "Call on Me; I will answer your (Prayer)!" - Quran Surah 40 Verse 60 The Prophet Muhammad (Pbuh) is reported to have said "Dua is the very essence of worship," So, when the worshiper of Allah appeals to Him, asking Him with desire for all that is good for him and is submissive to Him and is hoping to get what he desires, this is the meaning of Dua. Dua enables a Muslim to directly connect with God. It enables a conversation directly with him.
Man has been created for the noble purpose of worshiping Allah alone without any partners. And perhaps the greatest and most noble form of worship is Dua. Dua means - to call out to God, seeking his aid, praising Him, and worshiping Him.


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Email: ceo@cal-info.com

About The Developer
Cal-Info Systems, the developer of this application, has taken the utmost care to provide in three languages,((Arabic, English, Urdu) most authentic and accurate islamic information. They have a long history of suppporting Islamic computing and were the first to develop the prayer times for islamicity.com and Google Rippets.

Screen Shots iPhone/iPod

Screen Shots iPad

- Attractive display of Duas with choice of themes
- Translation, transliteration and description of the Duas in Arabic, English and Urdu
- Recordings of all Duas in Arabic
- Easy to use navigation tool bar
- Audio Player to listen to Duas
- Settings to enable/disable Language, Themes and Audio
- Ability to Bookmark your Favorites and recall them
Each Button in the Navigation Bar is described below:

Title - - - Description
Home - Go To Home Page
Back - Go Up one Level
Left - Go Back to Previous Page
Play/Pause - Play or Pause Audio
Right - Go Forward to Next Page
Settings - Change Language, Theme, and Audio Options
Favourites - Add this page to my list of Favourites
(To display in Favourites Chapter )
Audio - Click to bring up volume control
Volume Control - Slide to adjust volume

Settings can be configured to enable or disable the following:
Language: Arabic/ English/ Transliteration/ Urdu
Theme: Classic /Moghul /Quranic /Neo /Flowery /Simple
(Look and Feel - Background Images and suitable Text Color)
Audio: Silent/Arabic/Urdu

May Allah forgive us our mistakes and accept our humble efforts.
Please provide us with your valuable feedback to ceo@cal-info.com
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